Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialist

Remote Position

Jeong X is looking for a dynamic and results-driven Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialist to join our team. As a key player in our marketing department, you will be responsible for managing substantial ad budgets and driving profitable growth through innovative social media advertising strategies for the agency and all of our clients.

***This is NOT for someone with zero experience or not interested in working in a fast environment to create tangible results for our clients.


Our Company’s Mission:
To make modern-day, growth-focused marketing accessible to small & medium-sized businesses

Our Company’s Values:
1. Speed is King
2. Don’t make excuses, make it happen
3. Good Moral Character & Hard Work always leads to Good Results
4. Human First, Marketer Second

Key Responsibilities:

– Design, implement, and monitor advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that align with our business goals.
– Manage client’s ad budgets, ensuring optimal spend for the best return on investment.
– Analyze and optimize ad campaigns continuously from both creative and copy perspectives to maximize results.
– Craft compelling ad copy and headlines that resonate with our target audience.
– Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes within Facebook and Instagram platforms to leverage new tools and strategies effectively.


– Proven track record of handling at least $50,000 in ad spend on Facebook and Instagram with documented positive ROI outcomes.
– In-depth knowledge of the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms, including the ability to set up, launch, and manage ads.
– Expertise in optimizing both creative elements and copy of ads to achieve campaign objectives.
– Strong copywriting skills with the ability to write effective headlines and ad copies that engage and convert.
– Excellent analytical skills to assess performance data and adjust strategies as needed.

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