Our Work

Psomagen, Inc.

Content Strategy

As an established brand known for their genetic sequencing work, starting a Direct-to-Consumer products required establishing foundational pieces of content. We've designed an educational piece of content based on common questions regarding products similar to theirs.

Video Production

To stick out from their competitors, we've designed a production that visually speaks higher brand value from first impressions.

Building relevance

One of their target audience was a group of individuals who pay close attention to changes in their overall health, particularly fitness inclined and professional athletes. By producing a video with a professional ballet dancer, we've increased the level of "stickiness" to their ad.

Psomagen, Inc.

Establishing strong foundations through valuable content

What makes content valuable can be determined by the level of education and/or entertainment it delivers to the right audience. Many businesses often times have trouble shifting away from traditional methods of creating content, which is primarily rooted in creating 60-second commercials.

We aim to create meaningful interaction and first impressions via videos with considerations of consumers' psychology and their current challenges.

great partnerships start with the right questions.