Our Work

John Powers, DMD

Brand Strategy

Because the practice is a more boutique office, this requires more brand equity to attract the right individuals who value quality care in exchange for higher price.

Content Production

Educating with authenticity is a white space in the health industries. We've produced videos based on his 40+ years of experience as a dentist.

Google Search

Local search presence for meaningful search queries plays a part in building brand and generating sales. We've established top 5 results for their main keywords.

Paid Media

Using Facebook and Youtube ads, we were able to generate leads and more customers that fit his business's culture.

John Powers, DMD

Building local online presence for an established brand

Local businesses with strong word-of-mouth referrals often time find difficulty translating that approach online.

Building an online presence is similar to expanding your network and friend groups: it requires continual interactions over time to build trust.

great partnerships start with the right questions.