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From one long-form content

To multiple contextualized videos

Getting Started

Where can we send you link to submit your videos?

We’re not just video editors, we become part of your marketing team.

Fast Turnaround

Once you submit your podcast video, we’ll have the first set of drafts within 3 to 5 business days.

Contextualized for Platforms

We edit videos in a way that’s most appropriate for the target platforms, from design to word choice. People sound different on Linkedin vs Instagram.

Brand Building

Our goal isn’t to create videos that just look nice. Our goal is to create videos that drive business growth & brand development.

Marketing Mindset

Business owners have lots to handle, and you certainly don’t have time to direct how to edit videos. We take the videos and produce valuable pieces of content that have marketing value for your business.

Here’s a clip edited from a 23-minute video discussing different approaches to build brand while hitting KPI’s.

How it works


Send over your videos!

Whether it's podcasts or longer videos that covers multiple topics, we'll chop them up appropriately based on your vision and goals.

Review our drafts and provide feedback.

We'll be sending our initial drafts within 3 to 5 business days for you to review.

Download the final versions.

Fully edited videos with headlines and captions ready to be distributed by you and your team.


One flat price. Submit as many podcasts for editing as you’d like.