Don’t depend on dental insurance to send you patients

Get more patients with Youtube Ads

also using Facebook & Instagram Ads

Where can I send you your first Youtube ad?

Where can we text a copy of the video?

What am I buying?

How It Works

Making sure that you're the first dentist people think of when they actually need to see one.

1. We place Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram ads based on what makes you and your practice unique.

2. We collect information from prospective patients and send them to your team.

3. We pivot our approach and repeat the process to get more patients in the door.

What type of dental practice

is a good fit for this approach.

Relationship Focused

We know that spending more time with patients increases the probability that they’ll continue to trust the dental team over many years and refer you to their friends and families.

This is a poor fit for dental practices looking to churn a high volume of patients.

No Groupons Allowed

For those of us who believe in the true value of a good dentist, there’s no reason to discount your expertise and hard work.

Great fit for dental offices with a focus on long-term treatment plans, a poor fit for those looking to maximize free whitening services just to get new patients in the chair.

Long Term Vision

Reputation is everything in this industry, and we’re here to build upon your reputation for the long haul.

Great fit for dental offices looking to be known for their care and kindness, not for the large volume of patients they’ve served this month.

Case Study: Boutique Dental Clinic in Maryland

Sample Video Ad that generated over 100 leads in 3 months

*Yes, we were surprised too at first that a simple video would do so well.


  • Out-of-network, which meant many patients chose other in-network doctors
  • Had enough patients to keep busy, but not enough time dedicated to marketing
  • Heavily depended on word-of-mouth for new patients, which was inconsistent

Our Solution:

  • Youtube, Facebook & Instagram ads to generate new leads every single day
  • Educational ads to increase the brand reputation of the clinic to attract patients who value spending more time with dentists


  • More patients who fit the culture of the dental practice without the headache of no shows or insurance-driven
  • Consistent flow of leads on demand

Where can I send you your first Youtube ad?

Where can we text a copy of the video?